WTF is “Trac ‘N’ Save” by Tracfone doing on MSM Site?

Recently I was browsing on the to check on the rad new page layout they had on their homepage. Ranting in another direction, I’ve always thought had the coolest pagelayout of all the prepaid carriers. Anyways, back to the blog article on Trac N Save.

This Trac N Save is on the Simple Mobile website under the shop icon.










I’m Thinking it’s some sort of new promotion Simple Mobile is running so I click on the link and I see some website that has some deals on school supplies, and Newspapers. OMG are you kidding me? Who allowed this junk to be linked from Simple Mobile’s website?

Trac  N  Save-2

Trac N Save-2











There is some 197 deal on the page and a handful of “Featured” items.

Trac  N  Save-3

Trac N Save-3












Including, but not limited to!

  1. Colorations
  2. 8% off Norwegian Cruise
  3. 10% off some Spa (no name mentioned on the product page)
  4. Some cupcake deal
  5. Some spagetti deal
  6. 5% off Coupon from Lonovo.

You have to be logged in to the Trac N Save site to actually see the deals. It must be EXCLUSIVE.

Not that saving money isn’t cool these days, but this is Simple Mobile. You know, the company that was bought for 200 Million Dollars by the RICHEST man in the WORLD. What the heck is some affiliate site doing linked to the simple mobile main website? Some VP at Tracfone , Simple Mobile or maybe even Carlos Slims wife schemed her Multi-Level Marketing idea with her girlfriends to get on the main page.

This is simply in the wrong place and I just don’t get it.

Apparently this is listed all over Tracfones other sister prepaid carrier website as well.

Is the Tracfone Brand suffering that bad they have to display Multi-Level Marketing ads on their pre-paid carrier websites to make extra money??? Someone give me an explanation!!!!

WikiHow to Use Tracfone’s Trac N Save Progam


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