What Do Screen Protectors Do for your Mobile Phone?

What Do Screen Protectors Do for your Mobile Phone?

What Do Screen Protectors Do For Your Mobile Phone?

What Do Screen Protectors Do For Your Mobile Phone?

You maybe wondering what do screen protectors do for your iPhone or Android. Once you receive your brand new mobile phone with a beautiful gloss and finish, it’s easy to tell yourself that you’re not going to get a scratch or damage the LCD screen. Some cell phones users seem to think that screen protectors protect from various situations which are just untrue. Before you decide on if you’re going to invest in a screen protector, you should consider just a few things to ensure that you’ve able to make the be

st decision.

Things Your Screen Protector WILL Do For Your Mobile Phone

  • Protect against light surface scratches and abrasions causes.
  • Protect from various items in your pocket that could scratch or chip the LCD screen such as keys, pens, coins and other lose items.
  • Reflect UV rays to the inside of your LCD screen which can cause some damage overtime. However, you’re usually ready for a new phone by then.
  • Prevent dust and particles in the air from getting on your screen.
  • Keep your phone clean. You’re able to replace or remove and clean the screen protector from germs without using chemicals against directly on your LCD screen.
  • Privacy Protection – You can buy screen protectors that prevent those directly near you from seeing your screen.
  • Eye Strain – Screen protectors can cut some of the high contrast colors to be diminished while keeping your screen brightness high.
  • Help increase the buy back or trade in value when you’re ready to move to a different device.

Things Your Screen Protector WONT Do For Your Mobile Phone

  • Protect the LCD screen from cracking or being damaged if dropped or abused.
  • Screen protectors will not void the warranty with your mobile manufacture.
  • Leave a permanent marking or leave your unable to remove from your device.

Considering the above reasons, it’s pretty apparent that you should at least attempt to use a screen protector. With so many options to select from, you really can’t go wrong. The value of recent iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and Note 3 have such expensive LCD screens ranging in the $150-$250 price range. While a screen protector might not prevent you from cracking or shattering the phone, it will prevent many other surface cosmetic scratches and dings. What do screen protectors do for your phone? They’re a cheap and low cost option to protect and keep your phone looking like brand new and keep your resale value high when you’re ready to move onto the next best thing.

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