Tips and tricks for your iPhone

The iPhone has become very popular and every user will find that he can do with the following iPhone tips and tricks:

In situations when you have scrolled a page up to the bottom, you can simply click the Status bar and this will get you back to the top immediately. iPhone tips and TricksThere is no easier way to get to the top than using this shortcut.

To type some extra letters, such as the umlaut, hold onto the key with it for a while and all the available options will be availed. You can then decide on which letter to key in. When you want to type a single capital letter without turning the caps lock on you can tap the shift key once, and then drag across to the key you want to type.

When you want to delete a set of items at the same time you can quickly do this by passing your finger over them. In case you pass the finger accidentally there is a prompt given before you can execute the command.

After using some applications for sometime they may stop responding. The best option is to force them to quit by clicking on the Home button and holding it for some seconds. This will shut down the application completely. If the application does not respond to this, press the Home button simultaneously with the Sleep or Wake button for some seconds. This will not alter any of your current settings in the phone but reset all the non responsive applications.

I hope you will try these iPhone tips and tricks.

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