Tips for Picking the Right Smartphone

There are numerous tips for picking the right smartphone that should be taken into consideration before making a substantial purchase.

Most people will choose their smartphone based on the operating system (OS). In general, the best choice will be an OS that is compatible with other devices that are currently used. This will minimize, or eliminate, potential problems when transferring or sharing files between devices. If smartphonescompatibility is not a factor, consumers should choose an OS that supports a variety of apps.

Data capabilities are a major consideration. Some phones can only be used on 3G networks, whereas others have 4G network capabilities. Wi-Fi connectivity is important; this can reduce network data usage, and provide a method of accessing the internet when traveling to a location that is not in the coverage area.

Most users will want a camera with at least 5MP, and can take videos. Some smartphones have both front and rear-facing cameras, which allow for video chatting. This feature is especially useful for people who want to keep in contact with friends and family via video, while mobile.

Internal storage can quickly become full, so choosing a phone with a large internal storage capacity is critical. Although most phones allow for insertion of a MicroSD card for extra storage, there are many apps and other software that must be stored on the device.

The features available on smartphones are endless, but these are a few tips for picking the right smartphone that can help consumers with their choice.

Tips to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Having a smartphone is the best thing that anyone can own. The downfall to these phones is the battery. Depending on your phone usage will depend upon how much you are going to need to charge your phone. For a longer battery life, here are some tips to make your smartphone battery last longer.

The first tip is if you have you phone on vibrate, shut it off. Having the phone on vibrate is going to use up the battery power quick. Keep it on a ringtone instead. The next thing you can do is dim the light on the phone’s screen. You can go in your settings and lower the brightness from there. batteryThe screen won’t be as bright and the charge in the battery will last longer. Another one of these tips to make your smartphone battery last longer is to try to get into the habit of locking your phone after you finished viewing what you needed to view. Putting your phone down and letting the screen timeout is going to use the battery power. You can decide how long the screen stays lit, but the best thing you can do is lock the phone after you have finished.

If you don’t need to keep your phone switched on, power it off. You don’t have to recharge your phone every night. If you still have a lot of power left in your phone, try not to recharge it right away. Wait till the phone has almost no power left. It will give you a better recharge and last longer. If you are one to have a lot of apps on your phone, go through the apps that you are not using any longer and get rid of them. These are only some of the tips to make your smartphone battery last longer. Try them for a longer lasting battery life.

Tips and tricks for your iPhone

The iPhone has become very popular and every user will find that he can do with the following iPhone tips and tricks:

In situations when you have scrolled a page up to the bottom, you can simply click the Status bar and this will get you back to the top immediately. iPhone tips and TricksThere is no easier way to get to the top than using this shortcut.

To type some extra letters, such as the umlaut, hold onto the key with it for a while and all the available options will be availed. You can then decide on which letter to key in. When you want to type a single capital letter without turning the caps lock on you can tap the shift key once, and then drag across to the key you want to type.

When you want to delete a set of items at the same time you can quickly do this by passing your finger over them. In case you pass the finger accidentally there is a prompt given before you can execute the command.

After using some applications for sometime they may stop responding. The best option is to force them to quit by clicking on the Home button and holding it for some seconds. This will shut down the application completely. If the application does not respond to this, press the Home button simultaneously with the Sleep or Wake button for some seconds. This will not alter any of your current settings in the phone but reset all the non responsive applications.

I hope you will try these iPhone tips and tricks.