Review – Have you bought from them? Review Review

Simple Mobile last year had a phone portal that had a bunch of different providers for phones on their website under the shop section. Now all of that’s pretty much disappeared and everything points to . After searching around for these guys on the internet and through their website, you can see that it’s a company called Quality One Wireless or . They must be a Simple Mobile master agent or dealer and provide phones for Simple Mobile customers. I wasn’t able to find any reviews for these guys anywhere on the internet. I looked everywhere!

The phone prices seem high prices but their a little bit under the price of buying the same model without a contract from some of the major carriers. They offer some low end phones too. I’m worried if I buy one of these phones if it will be refurbished or if it will be really new.

  • Has anyone bought a phone from the Simple Mobile approved list?
  • If so, were the phones really new?
  • How quickly did they ship?
  • And any issues with customer service or returns if any issues?

Please comment if you’ve purchased from this company and your experience with them. Thank you