Simple Mobile APN MMS and Internet settings for all Android Phones

Simple Mobile APN MMS and Internet settings for all Android Phones

UPDATED 7/6/2013

Simple Mobile APN settings for all Android devices are the same, regardless of what phone you’re on. This is the same information for APN MMS and Internet services.

  1. Go to the settings menu within your phone
  2. Go to the Mobile Data section or the similar word for your model. (Some might be called “Access Point”)
  3. Make sure all settings are empty.
  4. for “NAME” enter “SIMPLE Mobile” without quotations.
  5. for “MMSC” enter “” without quotations.
  6. for “MCC” enter “310″
  7. for “MNC” enter “260″
  8. for “APN Type”: default,supl,mms,admin (select all of these)
  9. Select menu and save
  10. Go back to the previous menu to the APN list and tap on the dot to enable the APN.
  11. RESTART the device by holding down power button and selecting “Restart”
  12. You’re done!

If no APN settings are present, you might have to initiate a factory reset.

The steps could be slightly altered depending on if your Android OS is Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean.

These steps should work for all of the following Android Devices for Simple Mobile:

  • MotorolaDroid, Milestone
    SamsungBehold II
    i-Mobile5800 3G
    AcerLiquid A1 (S100)
    MotorolaMotorola i1
    HuaweiEvolución UM840
    HTCNexus One
    Sony EricssonXperia X10 Mini
    MotorolaXT720, Motoroi
    GeeksPhoneGeeksPhone One
    AcerbeTouch E110
    LGKH5200 Andro-1
    Motorola ME600
    Motorola MB300
    Cliq XT,
    Motorola MB501
    Kyocera/SanyoZio SCP-8600/M6000
    Sony EricssonXperia X10
    AcerbeTouch E400
    HuaweiU8120 (Joy), Vodafone 845
    SamsungGalaxy A
    PantechSky Sirius
    MotorolaMilestone XT701
    LGVS740 (US740),
    Sony EricssonXperia X10 Mini Pro
    LGGT540 Optimus,
    GT540 Swift
    AcerLiquid E
    AcerLiquid E Ferrari
    OukuHorizon, P801W
    LGLU2300 Optimus Q
    SamsungGalaxy 5/Galaxy Europa/Galaxy 550/Corby Android(i5500/i5503)
    Samsungi9000 Galaxy S,
    AT&T Captivate,
    T-Mobile Vibrant,
    Verizon Fascinate,
    US Cellular Mesmerize,
    Sprint Epic 4G
    LGKU9500 Optimus Z
    SamsungGalaxy 3/Galaxy Apollo/Galaxy Mini/Galaxy 580
    NexianNX A890,
    PantechSky Izar
    PantechSky Vega
    SamsungSamsung Acclaim
    SamsungM910 Intercept,
    Samsung Moment II
    MotorolaDroid X, Motoroi X, Milestone X
    AcerAcer Stream S110
    CSLCSL Spice[48]
    DellDell Aero
    MotorolaDroid 2,
    Milestone 2,[9]Droid 2 Global
    Sony EricssonXperia X8
    MotorolaMotorola Defy
    MotorolaMotorola Flipout
    AcerAcer Liquid Metal
    HTCDesire HD(Inspire 4G in the US)
    AlcatelAlcatel One Touch 980
    (TCL Corporation)
    myPhonemyPhone A210[62]
    PantechSky Mirach
    SamsungSamsung Transform
    Cherry MobileMagnum HD
    Cherry MobileNova
    HTCDesire Z
    LGP509 Optimus T
    LGLS670 Optimus S
    MotorolaDroid Pro, Milestone Plus
    DellDell Venue,
    (formerly Dell Thunder)
    PantechSky VegaXpress
    SamsungGoogle Nexus S,
    AlcatelOne Touch 918[45]
    (TCL Corporation)
    MeizuMeizu M9
    SamsungSamsung Replenish
    SamsungGalaxy Mini
    LGVM670 Optimus V
    LGLG Optimus ME P350
    HTCIncredible S
    LGOptimus 2X
    AlcatelAlcatel One Touch 990
    (TCL Corporation)
    SamsungGalaxy Ace
    NEC MediasNEC Medias N-04C
    MotorolaAtrix 4G, MB860
    SamsungGalaxy Fit
    Sony EricssonXperia arc
    Sony EricssonXperia neo
    Sony EricssonXperia Play
    Cherry MobileCosmo
    Cherry MobileOrbit
    HTCDesire S
    SamsungSidekick 4G[22]
    SamsungGalaxy Pro (GT-B7510)
    INQINQ Cloud Touch
    Huawei, T-MobileT-Mobile Pulse Mini
    NEC Casio Mobile CommunicationsG’zOne Commando
    LGP970 Optimus Black
    Samsungi9100 Galaxy S II
    SamsungDroid Charge/Galaxy S Aviator/Galaxy S Lightray 4G
    SamsungInfuse 4G
    MotorolaMotorola Droid X2
    Sony EricssonXperia acro IS11S
    LGOptimus 3D
    Samsungi9001 Galaxy S Plus
    HuaweiU8650 Sonic
    Sony EricssonXperia acro SO-02C
    MotorolaMotorola Droid 3,
    Milestone 3[10]
    HTCEvo 3D
    SamsungAdmire/Vitality (SCH-R720)
    Sony EricssonXperia ray
    Sony EricssonLive with Walkman
    MotorolaDroid Bionic
    HTCSensation XE
    HTCSensation XL
    HTCAmaze 4G
    SamsungGalaxy Y Pro (GT-B5510)
    SamsungGalaxy Y (GT-S5360)
    Sony EricssonXperia Pro
    HuaweiMercury (Alpha: Glory)
    MotorolaMotorola Admiral
    MotorolaAtrix 2, MB865
    SamsungGalaxy Nexus
    SamsungN7000 Galaxy Note
    MotorolaDroid RAZR(XT910)
    LGPrada 3.0
    LGNitro HD
    LGOptimus L3
    SamsungGalaxy Ace Plus
    SonyXperia S
    AlcatelAlcatel One Touch 995
    (TCL Corporation)
    MotorolaDroid 4[20]
    SamsungGalaxy Mini 2
    AlcatelAlcatel One Touch 985
    (TCL Corporation)
    HTCOne V
    HTCOne S
    HTCOne X
    HTCOne XL
    HTCDesire X
    Samsungi9070 Galaxy S Advance
    HTCEvo 4G LTE
    MotorolaDroid RAZR MAXX
    PanasonicEluga Power
    SamsungGalaxy Ace 2
    Samsungi9300 Galaxy S III
    SonyXperia Neo L
    SonyXperia sola
    SonyXperia U
    SonyXperia P
    HTCDesire C
    HTCDesire V
    LGOptimus L5
    LGOptimus L7
    LGOptimus 4X HD
    SonyXperia ion LTE
    ZTEAtlas W
    SonyXperia go
    MotorolaAtrix HD, MB886
    AcerLiquid Glow
    SonyXperia tipo
    SonyXperia Miro
    SonyXperia acro S
    LGOptimus Vu
    SamsungGT-B5330, Galaxy Chat
    SamsungS7562 Galaxy S Duos
    (Dual-SIM Card)
    SamsungN7100 Galaxy Note II
    SonyXperia SL
    SonyXperia V
    SonyXperia T
    HTCOne X+
    LGOptimus L9
    LGOptimus G
    MotorolaDroid RAZR I
    MotorolaDroid RAZR HD
    SonyXperia J
    AsusPadfone 2
    LGGoogle Nexus 4
    SamsungGalaxy S III mini
    SamsungGalaxy Express
    SamsungGalaxy Premier
    Cherry MobileFlare
    (Droid DNA in the US, J Butterfly in the JP))
    SpiceSpice stellar nhance mi-435
    SonyXperia Z
    HTCHTC One
    SamsungGalaxy S4
    SonyXperia E
    SonyXperia ZL
    SonyXperia SP
    SonyXperia L
    SonyXperia ZR
    SamsungGalaxy S4 mini
    SonyXperia Z Ultra