How To Unlock Galaxy S3 for FREE in Under 60 Seconds!

How to Unlock Galaxy S3 Resource Guide


Are you looking to unlocked your Galaxy S3 so it can be used for international use?

Or maybe you’re just looking to increase the resale value of your used phone before selling it on eBay or Amazon?

The reality is that the unlock for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (and many other Samsung Galaxy products) can actually be unlocked for free with no carrier restrictions or the need to contact the original carrier. This includes devices that HAVE NOT fulfilled their contract obligation and have a bad ESN.

Of course, this does vary depending on the original carrier the Samsung Galaxy phone was branded for. In addition, if it can’t be done for free we’ll share credible sources from unlocking providers that we actually use ourselves.

Done Fall Victim to Unlocking Scams

These websites are pretty pitiful. They look legitimate and their a dime-a-dozen and all over the place so you’ve got to watch out. Fortunatly, their pretty easy to spot based on the unlock solution they’re offering. I’ve actually seen these website clones selling on for hundreds or thousands of dollars because of the “revenue” they generate.

The bottom line is if the unlock provider is selling a resource guide, a manual, a set of instructions or a tutorial IT’S A SCAM!

Their perfectly pitched copywriting these websites is usually good. They have to be because their product stinks!

Anyways, their basically selling compilations of jailbreaking and unlocking methods for iPhones but recently they’ve been throwing in junk for Samsung Galaxy products as well. It’s pretty much outdated material that you can find on youtube or a zillion other places over the internet.

Usually the price will be so low that no one will ever go and file a charge back for $9.99.

Verizon 4G LTE Phones Unlocked Out of Box

Knowledge is power. Unfortunately, the carriers love keeping you tied down by postpaid contracts and withhold this information as much as possible.

When Verizon won their bid from the FCC for their LTE 4G spectrum, one of the mandates of using that frequency was that all devices using that spectrum must provide consumers with a device that is unlocked out of the box.┬áThis simply isn’t a choice. It’s a regulation that Verizon can’t change, at least for the for see-able future.┬áThis only applies to the Verizon LTE 4G Spectrum and not any of the other carriers spectrum.

What does this mean? Your 4G LTE device is already unlocked out of the box from Verizon. To date, this includes (but not limited to) the following models:

  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5s
  • Apple iPhone 5c
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Typically in the past, the manufactures created these phones to just include a CDMA radio for the specific carrier. However, it’s becoming much more financially beneficial to create one handset with both a CDMA/GSM radio and various frequencies.

How to Unlock Verizon Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

It’s really very easy.

  • No submitting an MEID, ESN etc. to a 3rd party.
  • Bad ESN can still be unlocked (domestic usage may vary but can be used internationally)
  • Don’t have to have a Verizon account or have been a previous subscriber.
  • Phone does not need to be rooted and the Android OS is irrelevant to unlocking.

It’s all done from the handset it-self.

While the exact menu navigation within Google Android platform on these phones might vary, the overall procedure is the same.


          1. Power down your Samsung Galaxy Phone
          2. Remove the Sim Card (Should be a Verizon LTE Card)
          3. Insert an Sim Card from another carrier (doesn’t have to be active)
          4. Power back on the phone
          5. Go to Settings> More Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode
          6. “Preferred Network Mode” menu will pop up.
          7. Select “Global”. <—This will enable to GSM Quad-band Radio.
          8. Go back to “Mobile Networks” and click on “Network Operators”. You should see your carrier and it should already be selected. If not, click on it and ensure that it is.
          9. If have some issues initially, go cut airplane mode on and then off.
          10. If that fails, don’t make any setting changes and power off and back on the device,
          11. That’s is!


Please take note:

  • All the crappy YouTube videos are outdated and say that your device must be rooted. This WAS the case several months ago until a new Verizon OS software upgrade allowed users to see the “Global” option in the Mobile Networks selection menu. Your phone DOES NOT need to be rooted!
  • You’re not breaking any laws. The phone is already unlocked! In fact, Verizon was almost forced to release the OS upgrade to allow Global GSM network option to appear without having to root because it wasn’t “practical” to require everyday users to root their device in order to have an unlocked phone that they’re required to have received by Verizon.
  • All you’re doing is making a software setting change to SWITCH the network from CDMA/LTE over to GSM/Global as the default network.