Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone Review

Samsung has finally come out with the new Galaxy S4. The is a revolutionary new smartphone that explores brand new technologies and systems for the people of the world to enjoy. This phone was released on April 26, 2013. This new phone has brought the 4G network to a standstill because of its’ advances. People around the world have been dying to get their hands on this. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone Review can only be said samsunggalaxys4in how wonderful it is and how many people are enjoying its’ app’s and downloads.

Our smartphones have become more than just phones to us. They are our connection to the internet, social media, pictures, emails, shopping and even purchasing tickets. Smartphone should be something you can rely on. In this Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone Review you will find that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone has met all of its’ expectations.

The phone features a 5 inch screen made of Gorilla Glass. It has LED technology which allows you to use it for a remote control in your home. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is able to be purchased in 16G’s to 64G’s. The battery is now wirelessly charged which makes for easily accessible charging wherever you are. It has a 13 megapixel camera which can let you take professional looking pictures from your mobile device. What does this phone not have? It has it all and so much more. This is one of the key competitors to the Apple Iphone and is standing its ground. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is introducing new things that the world never saw coming. Samsung is doing a great job.

HTC One Smartphone Review

There are many smartphones on the market, but the HTC has become one of the best phones out there. It has grown in popularity because the HTC One Smartphone review is awesome.

The HTC One is a smartphone that has all the bells and whistles that most smart phone users would desire. People can get this phone with 32GB of HTCOnememory, and this is good for lots of videos and music collections.

This phone has a 1080 dpi resolution and this gives smartphone users considerably high definition videos and photos. People also like the BlinkFeed feature on this device because it keeps them connected to the rest of the world. All of these social media, news and entertainment events can be streamed right to the home screen. This is what makes the this phone valuable to all that are using it to stay ahead of current events.

The sound on the HTC One is also awesome. Stereo speakers are giving buyers of this phone some of the best sound quality among smartphone users. This is great for lots of people that do not want to buy other accessories to broadcast sound. The HTC One has a built-in amplifier that projects a much clearer sound that most comparable smartphones.

THe HTC Sense TV remote is also discussed in the HTC One Smartphone Review. This is an innovative concept that many people are excited to use. These are the type of groundbreaking concepts that influence many people to purchase HTC One phones.

iPhone 5 Review

I decided to write an iPhone 5 smartphone review since I recently got one for myself. The touch screen is amazing compared to any other smart device I have used. My fingers are a little calloused from years of playing guitar yet the touch screen still responds fluently. The screen is very easy to see even in direct sunlight which I have had problems with in the past.

In my iPhone 5 smartphone review I feel that I should also cover apps. I mostly use gaming apps as well as some budgeting apps. Games look iphone5fantastic on this screen and the responsiveness makes them very fun to play. I personally love the thinness of the iPhone because it fits very easily into my back pocket.

Overall I would say the iPhone 5 is a definite improvement over the previous iPhone. If you have been using an Android the new iPhone will remind you a lot of something like a Samsung Galaxy Note in style. The iPhone 5 supports higher resolutions which makes typing a lot easier and allows you to have up to 5 rows of icons on the home screen.

The one gripe I have had so far is the battery life could be improved. It is not much different than the 4th generation but with all the other improvements, you would think battery life would be improved as well. The camera makes up for this slight hiccup as it is much better and by far my favorite feature. If you could not tell by my iPhone 5 smartphone review I would recommend buying this phone.

Nexus 4 Smartphone Review

I finally have found it a phone that I actually love to use. I decided I would write a Nexus 4 smartphone review. I can access all the apps I want on this smartphone, even apps for the kids to play while we are riding down the road. Keeping my kids quiet is not the only thing this phone does, it nexus4takes great pictures for a phone. I have had camera phones before and they are so grainy this one actually takes a great photo. It wasn’t hard for me to get the hang of the Android Jellybean OS, I have seen people take classes and this made me fearful of the smartphone. Android has gotten better and the Nexus 4 is proof, a few hours and I had it just about figured out. I have always used LG phones, so to get an LG smartphone like Nexus there was no question about it. I like the fact there is bigger screen and is not hard to read. With the movement of my fingers I can zoom in and out on anything I cannot see so well. I ordered the Nexus 4 smartphone and when I received it I powered it on it immediately began to tell me how to use it. I actually think it might even be possible that the smartphone itself is smarter than me. I enjoy my phone and I will not even think about getting another kind ever this is my Nexus 4 smartphone review.

Galaxy Note II Review

The Galaxy Note II Review has surfaced and is bringing new features to the market of smartphones. It is an android smartphone giving the user the use of all applications that are available on the Android market place. This phone offers new technology and updates to an already existing Galaxy Note.

This phone runs off the Jelly Bean operating system which is new and innovative technology which enables consumers to run their smartphones GalaxyNote2at high speeds with the 4G network.

The Galaxy Note II is made by Samsung. It has a very large screen for easy reading and operating. 5.55 inches the screen spreads to. It also has an HD touchscreen allowing the high definition feature that many phones do not have. The phone is enabled with FM radio so to allow consumers to listen to free music as much as they would like. The phone is only 6.3 oz. The phone is available in many storing capacities. From 16 G to 64 G. The phone purpose allow people to share and use data quicker and more effectively. It has a wide range of uses and can be known for being creative and different.

It has sold over 5 million phones world wide. The phone is loved by many. It has a front and back camera with 1.9 Megapixel camera. It is compatible for video chatting. Which many people love using.

The Galaxy Note II Review has taken on new and effective technology. The Jelly Bean operating system is becoming well known and will continue coming out with updates.