Find & Buy Used Metro PCS Phones for Sale – Resource Guide

How to Buy The Best Used Metro PCS Phones for Sale


Looking to buy Used Metro PCS Phones for yourself or family member?

Don’t want to pay the expensive brand new price offered by Metro PCS dealers?

No Problem! Finding cheap and affordable used Metro PCS phones is fairly easy if you know where to look and what to look out for. If you can follow a few easy steps and do some basic searching, you’ll be able to find some great deals on Metro PCS phones that fit your budget and are far less expensive that buying a brand new device.

Questions to Ask Before Searching

  1. Do I have a smartphone data plan with Metro PCS? Some service plans require a data package or smartphone service plan in order to activate the phone with Metro PCS. Some other phones cross over into this category and can be activated on Metro PCS network but could have limited data services or functionality.
  2. What is your used phone budget? – More so than the exact budget is to consider that you’re buying a used phones outside of the official selling channels from a Metro PCS store or from their website. If problems with the device happen to surface in the future, you could be out of luck with filing a warranty claim. Always consider this and lower your budget for the phone with the expectation that something COULD go wrong. A great deal isn’t just about what you have today, it’s about how long it will last until you want to purchase a different phone or the phone stops working.

Top Places to Find Used Metro PCS Phones

While some of these channels you might already know about, it’s important to search within these markets for the perfect deal.

Local Metro PCS Dealer Store

It’s always great to check with your local Metro PCS store.

Just about every Metro PCS store that I know will buy back a used phone from a customer who was on the bubble of buying something new in order to give the customer enough total cash to get into a different device.

  • The store makes more money and is commissioned to sell brand new phones and service plans, they usually won’t advertise directly.
  • Therefore they will usually not promote they sell used phones or display them in their store location.
  • Just ASK! … – If the store has any used phones at a discount that anyone might have returned.
  • Call around to other Metro PCS store locations and ask if they have used phones for sale. This could save time and money on gas driving around.
  • Use your any and all used metro pcs phones you’re using now or have laying around for trade-in credit.

Remember to use this technique to your advantage! You probably already have a used phone from Metro PCS. See if your local store will give you some trade-in credit for your used device so that you can buy one of the used metro pcs phones he might have.

Buy Used Metro PCS Phones on eBay and Craigslist

Of course, eBay is always a good resource. Most of you probably already have an eBay account and know how to use the site. While price is usually the primary purchasing factor, there are a few things to consider when looking on eBay to increase your chances of getting a quality device.

  • Clean ESN – Make sure that the seller specifically states that the ESN is clear for activation. If they don’t and it’s really a phone you want, send the seller a question and wait for their answer. Any promises sent by a seller through eBay messages in regards to an item is binding and protects you once received, even if not on the listing description.
  • Software Modifications: Many sellers will take phones from other carriers and conduct software modifications such as PRL hacks, ESN cloning, ROM changes and flashing techniques. You need to be aware of that modifications like these can limit the features you can use and become reset if you do a factory restore on the device at some point in the future. It’s usually best to stay away from these if at all possible! How can you tell? Metro PCS phone usually always have a Metro PCS logo somewhere on the front or back of the device. In addition to the the “splash screen” once the device is powered on. If you don’t see any logos on the housing or on the power on cycle, then you should be cautious.
  • Company vs Individual: Companies who sell used metro pcs phones do so in bulk in many cases. They don’t always have the time or procedure to check every feature of the phone outside of the most basic features. While this isn’t always the case, read the description for just exactly what works and what they’ve tested for. When I really need a device, I’m usually willing to spend a little more and purchase from the actual end user that used the cell phone and puts a story behind when they bought it, how they took care of it and describe clearly that all of the functions work, even if the phones costs a little bit more money.
  • eBay Item Condition, Warranty/Returns Policy – Only buy phones in the used or above category. Anything in the “For parts or not working” category can have troubles if you later need to file a dispute. Also take a look at the sellers returns policy. They might not describe it in the description but all cell phone items are required to specify their returns policy these days.
  • Consider Top Rated Sellers – I usually have two rules. Buy from an individual who gives a clear history of the phone or buy from a company or individual that’s a top rated seller.
  • Use Best Offer: Many sellers will have a “Best Offer” option on their listing. Don’t be afraid to find these and offer a reasonable lower price than their Buy It Now price. Many times they’ve set the Buy It Now price high, but have a much lower price to auto accept. Remember that making a “Best Offer” is the same as making a bid or committing to buy an item. Not all sellers have the auto accept/decline setup and might take several hours or days to approve or deny. You don’t want to fire off too many because multiple sellers could accept after you’ve purchased one.

I’ve created a search result for eBay with many of advanced search criteria already included in the search results. (Top Rated, Warranty and Item Condition).

Start by using these and see if you’re able to find a great deal!

Again, these links above have the following search criteria already filtered for you:

  • Good Seller
  • Ships Fast
  • Used or Higher Category
  • Has a Returns Policy
  • No negative words like bad ESN, broken etc in title or description. 

Look around a bit! Can you find a great deal on a used Metro PCS phone?