Does the iPhone 5 Need a Screen Protector?

Does the iPhone 5 Need a Screen Protector?

Does the iPhone 5 Need Screen Protector for Protection?

Many iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 users ponder the question “Does my iPhone 5 Need Screen Protector?”. Most iPhone users don’t run to the closest local repair shop the moment they purchase their new device. While it’s defiantly not required there are a few things you should before you decide if your iPhone needs a screen protector or not.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Screen Protector for your iPhone or Android Device:

  • Surface Scratches – Most users will receive some sort of hairline scratches and abrasions within 1 week on their new iPhone. So take a hard look at your brand new shiny repaired or new from the box phone and ask your self if you would like to see scratches on it within a week.
  • Resale Value – 95% of users who go to sell their old device when they’re ready to get a new one have light to moderate scratches on the LCD screen. You need a screen protector on your iPhone or Android to preserve the resale value when you’re ready to change phones.
  • Value Differences – The value of your iPhone or Android with scratches could result in up to 15%-30% decrease in the value of the phone when you’re ready to resell it! Considering that the iPhone 6 is coming out soon and the current market price for iPhone 5 is around $450 used,  that means the phone could lose anywhere from $68 to $90 in value for simple little scratches on the screen.

Purchasing a screen protector for any cell phone really is a smart idea and a sound Investment . Consider the above decrease in value and the low cost of screen protectors and you should easily be able to answer your question concerning “Does the iPhone 5 Need A Screen Protector”. Buy one soon for your new phone or to prevent further scratches and damage on your used phone. It just makes sense!