iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service Scams – Beware!


Are you looking around for an activation lock removal service for your iPhone that’s been locked through iCloud using the find my iphone feature with iOS7?

If so, you’re probably looking for information on if there is even such a service to unlock these locked phones and if this is something that can even be done.

You should be very cautious when looking for companies that say they have activation lock removal service because most all of them are scams!

iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service Scams

To date, Apple has authorized any 3rd party company to be able to bypass this iCloud activation lock. In addition, there has been no legitimate crack, hack or software loophole that’s been found to bypass this besides on an iPhone 4.

Many of these websites that are offering the removal service of iCloud are basically preying on your urgency of the service but are only really selling instructions for bypassing iCloud activation lock. Once you’ve “paid” for this service, you’ll simply be given an instruction manual or a “membership” that includes instructions on how to bypass. However, the information they provide will only work for iPhone 4.

Because you were in such a rush, you won’t have read the fine print and although your credit card company would probably side with you, they’re hoping you will just forget about it. They will make money because of the amount of people who will just forget that they were ripped off.

iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service Companies

Listed below are many of the websites claiming to offer iCloud activation lock removal services. Many are also listed on eBay or you might see them on youtube. The ones on youtube are fakes listed by a 3rd party who says they were able to unlock from the mentioned website, will get some of their buddies to like and +1 the video and then close down comments and ratings.

This is an example of one of them.

Here is an example of another one.

Websites offering the service:

  1. http://www.unlockicloudlock.com/

When you look at the page information of this website, you can see that it’s only been active for about 2 months and offering the service for only $12.99. The ONLY way they make money is to trick you into paying for the unlocking of this device which will not work and hope you don’t ask for your money back or file a credit card charge back.