Great Free Apps for the iPhone

There are many great free apps that you can find for your iPhone. It seems that almost anything you can think of has an app available for it. Do you need a map, do you want to find out what your favorite celeb is up to? Just look for an app and there will be something out there that will Appshelp you find this information. Quite often you will find that the apps you have paid for are not as good as the free apps.

One of the apps that is part of everyone’s list today is certainly the cheap gas app. It lets you know where the cheapest gas is when you are out traveling about. That helps you save money and who doesn’t want to save money if they can.

The IMDb Movies and TV app is great for those among us that want to keep track of their favorite celebrities, movie times and all things Hollywood. It is convenient if you are on the road and decide to see a movie. All you have to do is get the app and find out where the theater is and what time the movie will be playing.

Facebook apps seem to be popular. The free app allows you to stay in contact with your friends 24/7. Always know what is going on. Never miss that impromptu party or a sudden flash mob with this app.

Groupon now has a free app that will help you stay up with all the great deals, even when you are on the run. Never miss the deal and remember never pay full retail.

Last but not least, Where is a great navigation app and will give you all your transportation needs in one spot. You will get the daily news, gas prices, weather and traffic updates. It will give you directions to where you are going also.