ezVid Screen Recorder Problems – Why I Will Never Use Again!

I’ve had the need recently to create some videos recording my desktop PC and then uploading the recordings to Youtube. EzVid Video Recorder had some good reviews and of course it was free. No trial period or freeware software where I would need to pay after using a certain amount of times or days.

While I really liked using the software, I’ve just uninstalled it and I will never go back to using them again. Maybe the issue was something small and could have been resolved but their help documents and an email to support didn’t help me at all.

EzVid Free Download and About the Screen Recording Software.

  • It’s free
  • It won’t let you “keep” the files on your computer. Rather you have an internal project within ezVid and cannot export it to other programs or file formats directly.
  • You can only upload the recording to Youtube once you’re finished. No big deal because then you could rip it directly from Youtube if you really wanted to.
  • ezvid download free¬†¬†- You download from their website but it’s not until the very very bottom of the page that you can download the actual file. They try to promote buying a headset and/ or microphone to buy from them and donate before downloading.
  • In fact, they request that you donate before downloading, but it’s not mandatory.

ezvid free download video recording software

After Download ezVid Free and using the Video Recording Software

  • Pretty straight forward to use.
  • You can capture just an area of your screen or select a specific screen if you have multiple monitors.
  • You can record your voice and indicate your using a headset for better recording.
  • You can record up to 720P resolution.
  • You can add some basic text and graphics and what not to spice up your recording.

ezVid Free Video Editing Software Problems and Issues

I had two main problems with the software. First off, I’m using Windows 8 64-bit. My computer is boss and isn’t the issue.

  1. After recording (with voice) it needs to render the video media and the audio recording. SO many times it would crash during this phase. It would take 4-5 minutes and the progress bar would just stop. Don’t rely on the progress bar.
  2. A successful render would happen and then I would have the option to upload the video to Youtube. When I would do so, the video will get up to 48% uploaded and then just sit there. It won’t crash, it won’t error out. Just nothing. I’ve left it sitting for 1 hour before on a short video.

Both of these are just simply a huge hassle. Because if it crashes, many times the video you just recorded will not save properly and you’ll have to record all over again. I’m about at the point where 1/3 videos will actually work from start to finish and upload directly to youtube.

ezvid screen recorder youtube upload screen capture

  • I sent ezVid a message through their support. I followed all the help documents, suggestions and tutorials. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I restarted my computer, updated drivers etc.
  • Does restarting help? Sometimes it would. But nothing fool proof for the long term.
  • They suggested that my internet isn’t “good” enough. Yes it is. It works find for EVERYTHING else that I use. It truly might not be “good” enough, but that would mean ezVid screen recorder simply has too high of a requirement of needing some fiber optic internet line which would eliminate 99% of the population with a computer.

Sorry, but software applications these days are just expected to work out of the box. Sure, it might need a little tweaking …maybe codex or driver update. But I’ve done everything they’ve suggested and I’m just not able to use them anymore.

Today, I recorded the same video showing one of my offshore teams a procedure for work and failed to upload to Youtube 3 times in a row.

If it works out of the gate for you, great! But for me, their support documents and customer support are unable to make this work on my end with “nothing” wrong with my computer.

Don’t fight the application if it doesn’t work. Just get something else. Many other applications out there for free.