Sim Lock Code-1 and How You Fix It For Your GSM Sim Card

Sim Lock Code-1 Error

Sim Lock Code-1 Error

Fixing Sim Lock Code-1 Error Code

You’ve just inserted your sim card and get the error SIM LOCK CODE-1. Maybe you’ve been recently trying to insert a sim card into your GSM Pre-Paid Unlocked Cell Phone to find that there is a nasty little message that comes up that you’ve never seen before!

Yup, that nasty little error code sure is annoying! All you want to do is hop on your new Simple Mobile or Tracfone prepaid plan. Well fortunately for you I got to spend hours trying to figure it out and If you’ve got just a little bit of patience then you can get this SIM LOCK CODE-1 taken care of real fast and be on your way to talking!

What is Sim-Lock and Removing Sim Lock¬†<— Only read if you’re in the mood to learn. Read below if you want to fix your SIM LOCK CODE-1 problem. OK.

It’s pretty simple DUDE OR DUDETTE


Tip: GO GET YOUR PHONE UNLOCKED from eBay or call up the carrier you’re on and see if they’ll do it for free. In the rare scheme of things, the SIM LOCK CODE-1 error could mean that you have a bad sim card. Try using the sim card in another unlocked phone. If it works, it means the phone you’re getting the SIM LOCK CODE-1 error isn’t unlocked. If it does, then your phone should run over with a mactruck, or sold on eBay for parts or not working.

This concludes today’s lesson on how to fix SIM LOCK CODE-1 error code. Happy Unlocking!





Simple Mobile Sim Card at Walmart

Walmart has just about one of everything you can think in the electronic section including sim cards for pre-paid cell phone service providers. However, on a recent trip to Walmart I noticed they did not sell Simple Mobile sim cards. I went to ask the electronics associate to confirm availability but he only confirmed that he had no idea what Simple Mobile was or what a pre-paid sim card was used for. I pulled out my phone and searched on and did not see any product for Simple Mobile in their online or in-store inventory.

Walmart does carry the Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk brands though. The fact that Walmart doesn’t carry Simple Mobile cards or re-ups is surprising considering that Tracfone bought them out about a year ago. One would think Tracfone would include them anywhere their other brands were sold, but at this time Walmart doesn’t appear to sell Simple Mobile products.

Buying a Simple Mobile Nano Sim Card for iPhone 5

With the launch of the iPhone 5, many Simple Mobile customers have been wondering if their current sim card will work for their iPhone 5. Previously when iPhone 4 and 4s launched, Simple Mobile notified consumers several weeks prior to the release that they would indeed release a micro sim for micro sim card users. Apparently this time around with the launch of iPhone 5, Simple Mobile has not released a Nano sim or made any comment in reference to doing so.

The short answer is that there is no OFFICIAL nano sim for iPhone 5 available through Simple Mobile or it’s dealer locations.

The alternative is those who still wish to use Simple Mobile with the iPhone 5 do have some options to make this work.

  1. iPhone Zen released this PDF file on how to convert your existing standard sim card or micro sim card to a nano sim card using a razor. Their instruction in this document is pretty good. Just make sure you have somewhere you can get a replacement sim card in case the project goes bad. 
  2. eBay – The auction site has many sellers who have already pre-cut and tested the functionality of the nano-sim card. Just make sure to buy from someone with a lot of sales on the specific listing you’re looking at.

Many other websites offer the nano sim but I’ve never used them before. At $2-$5/each, heading over to eBay is probably the cheapest and easiest way get Simple Mobile on your iPhone 5.