Simple Mobile Sim Card at Walmart

Walmart has just about one of everything you can think in the electronic section including sim cards for pre-paid cell phone service providers. However, on a recent trip to Walmart I noticed they did not sell Simple Mobile sim cards. I went to ask the electronics associate to confirm availability but he only confirmed that he had no idea what Simple Mobile was or what a pre-paid sim card was used for. I pulled out my phone and searched on and did not see any product for Simple Mobile in their online or in-store inventory.

Walmart does carry the Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk brands though. The fact that Walmart doesn’t carry Simple Mobile cards or re-ups is surprising considering that Tracfone bought them out about a year ago. One would think Tracfone would include them anywhere their other brands were sold, but at this time Walmart doesn’t appear to sell Simple Mobile products.

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