Simple Mobile Coverage Map & Service Area Information

Simple Mobile Coverage

Does Simple Mobile have good coverage?

Are you wondering what Simple Mobile Coverage Map looks like in your area and nationwide?

It’s important to understand not only where you’re able to get basic talk and text coverage, but also if you’ll be able to take advantage of 4G LTE speeds if you have this service plan and a phone that allows high speed data.

Simple Mobile Coverage Map for Talk, Text and Data

Shown below is the coverage map for Simple Mobile.



If the map looks a little bit familiar, that’s because Simple Mobile is a MVNO of T-Mobile. Meaning, anywhere you would normally receive T-Mobile service, you’ll have Simple Mobile service. There is no difference what-so-ever. When you dial from a Simple Mobile line, you’re connecting directly to T-Mobile towers.

Facts About T-Mobile / Simple Mobile Coverage

  • T-Mobile has a Personal Coverage Check on their website. You can actually put in your direct address, city, state and zip code and it will tell you if service is available


You simply enter in your zip code and it will tell you the coverage for regular service (talk, text and data coverage) and give you a rating. My area was “Excellent”. If you zoom in on the map, the colors will be in two shades of purple and indicate difference in “Excellent” and “Good”. The lighter the purple color, the further you’re most likely away from a tower and will have lower signal strength and/or lower 4G LTE speeds.

Simple Mobile Coverage for 4G LTE Data Services

The 4G LTE Data speeds are something else! It’s really what has defined mobile data and been the most significant contributor in my eyes on the growth of the smartphone revolution.

Fortunately, most of the carriers have already been investing in this technology and has spread from major cities to less populated areas and suburban America. T-Mobile was a bit behind Verizon and Sprint initially, but their getting much better.

Lookup 4G LTE Speeds in Your City

Opensignal is a good utility to lookup and predict the possible coverage of your 4G LTE speeds by carrier. Opensignal works off users who have shared their data coverage information while in actual use. So while this won’t be 100%, because of a significant following, it can give you an fairly good idea of the most important metrics in your local area. Mainly, if there is 4G LTE speeds in your area.




In the example above, it only shows coverage on some of the main highways and streets. But I know that I get 4G LTE service at my home which shows no coverage heat map over my exact location. But the fact that dozens of recent users have submitted data through this service, simply knowing that there is a heatmap in my city close to me lets me know that I’ll have service coverage.

With that said, overall with discussions with friends in the area, the information in the “Network Rank” on the bottom of the page seems to be spot on with the 5-mile high assumption of 4G LTE speeds in my city.

It’s nearly impossible to predict right down to a specific house.

The main factors for getting 4G LTE speeds in an area that are covered:

  • How close to a cell phone tower you’re located.
  • Network congestion with other users.
  • Phone model (PRL and network settings)
  • Terrain conditions (hills, weather and “noise” of buildings and man made objects)



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