iPhone 5 Review

I decided to write an iPhone 5 smartphone review since I recently got one for myself. The touch screen is amazing compared to any other smart device I have used. My fingers are a little calloused from years of playing guitar yet the touch screen still responds fluently. The screen is very easy to see even in direct sunlight which I have had problems with in the past.

In my iPhone 5 smartphone review I feel that I should also cover apps. I mostly use gaming apps as well as some budgeting apps. Games look iphone5fantastic on this screen and the responsiveness makes them very fun to play. I personally love the thinness of the iPhone because it fits very easily into my back pocket.

Overall I would say the iPhone 5 is a definite improvement over the previous iPhone. If you have been using an Android the new iPhone will remind you a lot of something like a Samsung Galaxy Note in style. The iPhone 5 supports higher resolutions which makes typing a lot easier and allows you to have up to 5 rows of icons on the home screen.

The one gripe I have had so far is the battery life could be improved. It is not much different than the 4th generation but with all the other improvements, you would think battery life would be improved as well. The camera makes up for this slight hiccup as it is much better and by far my favorite feature. If you could not tell by my iPhone 5 smartphone review I would recommend buying this phone.

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