How to protect your Smartphone

The smart phone is a pocket computer with a voice and data plan. Within less than a decade we have went from cell phones designed just for talking and placing calls to sending text messages, checking emails and even browsing the web. The phones of the 21st Century are more than just phones ProtectingSmartPhonethey are mini computers with full access to the web through applications. These applications or apps are available for everything email, GPS, calendar planning and games. Just as with computers and any other high end devices, they come with risk involved.

Smart phones can get virus and security threats as do computers. Protecting your smart phone from harm is simple though. First step is to have a security program app that includes a virus scan and a system back up to another device or account online. Run a scan automatically every couple of days and back up data about once a week.

The second step is use common sense. Just as when surging online you are wary of sites you don’t know, don’t trust certain unknown apps. Do not download applications that are from trusted companies or from the official marketplace for your phones platform. Never download an app that asks for your personal information. While a mobile banking application may be convenient and appear to be safe, one should be wary. Even if the app is official from the bank in a situation that your phone is some how stolen or traced, you do not want your account information stored on there. Password protect everything and do not allow your phone to store information just because it is easy.

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