Get through to Simple Mobile customer support fast

Tired of being hung up on? Not getting your issue resolved? Here are a few ways to get through to Simple Mobile’s customer service department and get the job done.

1.877.878.7908 - This is their main number.

  • When the prompt asks you if you’re a dealer or a customer, hit the option for dealer.
  • If the agent on the line asks you for your dealer number, tell them you were transferred to this department and don’t want to be transferred again. Ask firmly but politely.
  • The agent has all the same tools and can help you and in most cases will probably give you better support and have more knowledge than other representatives.

This happened to me a few days ago on accident. When I made a comment about the short wait on the dealer line the customer service representative explained that the regular customer service line usually had 4-5X the wait.




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