Nexus 4 Smartphone Review

I finally have found it a phone that I actually love to use. I decided I would write a Nexus 4 smartphone review. I can access all the apps I want on this smartphone, even apps for the kids to play while we are riding down the road. Keeping my kids quiet is not the only thing this phone does, it nexus4takes great pictures for a phone. I have had camera phones before and they are so grainy this one actually takes a great photo. It wasn’t hard for me to get the hang of the Android Jellybean OS, I have seen people take classes and this made me fearful of the smartphone. Android has gotten better and the Nexus 4 is proof, a few hours and I had it just about figured out. I have always used LG phones, so to get an LG smartphone like Nexus there was no question about it. I like the fact there is bigger screen and is not hard to read. With the movement of my fingers I can zoom in and out on anything I cannot see so well. I ordered the Nexus 4 smartphone and when I received it I powered it on it immediately began to tell me how to use it. I actually think it might even be possible that the smartphone itself is smarter than me. I enjoy my phone and I will not even think about getting another kind ever this is my Nexus 4 smartphone review.

Find the Phone Fit for Your Needs

How do you find the phone fit for your needs? There are so many phones out there, some have features you need, and some have features that you will never use. One important thing to note, is that cell phones are not universal. What is meant by this, is that carriers may not actually support the Phoneforyouphone you are looking at. That brings up the first bit of information you need to find out, if you want to find a phone fit for your needs. Is this phone supported by your preferred carrier?

There is over 200 phones available to choose from, so narrowing your choices down is the fundamental theme in all these steps. To further narrow down your choices you should build a list. A list containing all the things you are absolutely sure you want from your phone. Do you download PDF files? Do you like to play video games? Do you need hotspot capabilities? All these and many more questions should be answered in your list.

The next tool that is available to you should come in handy when you have narrowed down your choices to just a few phones, and that is consumer ratings. What are the critics saying about the phone? Check the pros and cons? Can you deal with the weaknesses of the cell phone? What are users of the cell phone saying about the phone? Make sure that the cell phone adequately answers these questions and you will find the phone fit for your needs.

Galaxy Note II Review

The Galaxy Note II Review has surfaced and is bringing new features to the market of smartphones. It is an android smartphone giving the user the use of all applications that are available on the Android market place. This phone offers new technology and updates to an already existing Galaxy Note.

This phone runs off the Jelly Bean operating system which is new and innovative technology which enables consumers to run their smartphones GalaxyNote2at high speeds with the 4G network.

The Galaxy Note II is made by Samsung. It has a very large screen for easy reading and operating. 5.55 inches the screen spreads to. It also has an HD touchscreen allowing the high definition feature that many phones do not have. The phone is enabled with FM radio so to allow consumers to listen to free music as much as they would like. The phone is only 6.3 oz. The phone is available in many storing capacities. From 16 G to 64 G. The phone purpose allow people to share and use data quicker and more effectively. It has a wide range of uses and can be known for being creative and different.

It has sold over 5 million phones world wide. The phone is loved by many. It has a front and back camera with 1.9 Megapixel camera. It is compatible for video chatting. Which many people love using.

The Galaxy Note II Review has taken on new and effective technology. The Jelly Bean operating system is becoming well known and will continue coming out with updates.